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"Back to You" | Behind the Song

You know those moments when you're feeling overwhelmed with everything you're trying to do and be to the point that you're not really sure how much longer you can keep it all under control? Cool. Me neither.

Well, except for this one time. I was on the way to work and running later than usual. As I looked to my left, I saw the typical morning traffic — a mass of cars packed on 440. Most people were probably in a rush and stressed out, wishing they were anywhere else but sitting on an interstate filled with potholes and road rage.

As I looked at all of the cars, I couldn't help but notice the parallels in my own life with that morning commute. My mind was crowded with unmet expectations, frustrations and restlessness. I was far from the stillness of God and saw a physical representation right there on 440. However, God chose that moment to remind me of His peace.

As a songwriter, when I have those moments, I try to take note. I sang a verse idea into my voice memo app and continued my drive to work (thankfully I didn't have to turn onto that interstate). When I got home that night, I remembered a chorus I had been working on. It wasn't much — I had just been singing "back to you" over and over again, but it seemed to fit perfectly with my verse idea from earlier that day.

I brought this idea to my cowriter friend Julie and we chipped away at it until we had, well, an almost finished song. When I played it for my producer, we decided it would fit in really well with the rest of the music. However, there was just one problem - it wasn't quite finished.

Fast-forward to the day I was recording final vocals for the song. I was feverishly texting my cowriter Julie trying to get the song just right until we finally landed on words we both felt conveyed our idea. After the cowrite, I realized what Julie didn't tell me was that she was actually being supermom while helping me finish the song (see her Facebook status below from that day).

I don't even know what AromaWraps are but somehow they helped us "wrap up" the song perfectly (I couldn't stop that one. Sorry guys. I'm really sorry). All lame puns aside, this song embodies that moment on my commute to work as well as a broader phase of my life as I got the final details of the project together. As a result, I decided it made the perfect album title.

One of my favorite verses is Romans 12:2. Paul says, "Do not conform to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then you will be able to test and approve what God’s will is—his good, pleasing and perfect will."

We can run ourselves to the ground searching for satisfaction in this world, but God offers the opposite of a busy mind and troubled heart. He brings total peace - even in the midst of a chaotic situation or unanswered questions. I hope this song is a reminder of that, whether you're driving to work on an interstate filled with potholes or being an AromaWraps-making Supermom.

"Back to You"

Written by Allison Clarke and Julie Keltonic

I've got this traffic in my mind

And it gets harder all the time

To be still just to find how You move

‘Cause I've been running without rest

Chasing empty happiness

When all I ever needed was Your truth

You're bringing me back, back, back to You

You're bringing me back, back, back to You

When my heart can't find a hope to hold onto

You're bringing me back, back, back to You

There ain't nothing like Your love

It draws me close it fills me up

Calls me found when everything seems lost

When I wonder when I doubt

I know Your faithful light is shining down

It leads me home no matter what the cost


When this world keeps telling me

Who I should be

Remind me who I am in Your eyes

I am chosen I’m made strong

As the truth You speak becomes my song

It brings me back to the light


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