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"Gulf Coast Breeze" | Song Video + Lyrics

It's about this time of year that I start getting serious FOMO when I can't just jump in my car and drive an hour to the beach. I love living in Nashville but I often tell people that one of the downsides of living here is being so landlocked. This past weekend, I was getting particularly homesick for the Gulf Coast and decided to write a song about it. I hope you enjoy!

"Gulf Coast Breeze"

Music and lyrics by Allison Clarke


I've been feeling landlocked

I've got no way to cool off

From all the worries I've got

Inside of me

I've been feeling so drained

I need a touch from the ocean waves

To come and wash my cares away

With the salty sea

We could drop our plans and drive to the coast instead

If we left right now we could catch the sunset


We could be beachside chilling or deep sea reeling

Whatever we're feeling is where we're gonna be

We could be jet ski coasting or inner tube floating

Wherever we're going don't matter much to me

Just give me that Gulf Coast breeze


Where everything is laid back

Living like a Chesney track

Catching rays and watching boats pass

Yeah that's what my soul needs



Alligator Point or St. George Island

Apalachicola will leave you smiling

Destin or Port St. Joe just say the word I'm good to go

Let's pack the car and just start driving


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